You Don't Need To Be Afraid

By LifeworX · May 14, 2017 · Advice · 4 min read

This a a pic in black and white of me in the vinyards at Babelentoring

Why am I so afraid?

Afraid of what you may ask?  Well, I was wondering what topic I wanted to explore in this week's blog and it didn't take long to decide.

I have decided to write about my experience of working with over 100 people in the week.  One thing I have learned from others is that we are so very scared of working on ourselves.  Personal growth is almost a swear word and there is no fear more real than sharing bits and pieces of yourself with the people around you. These people range from total strangers, colleagues and even the odd friend.

Why is this?  We should be proud of who we are and how we have gotten to where we are today. There is always a story to tell and we should be proud of being different.  Life is not the same for everyone but I know for sure that we all want the same thing and that is simply happiness.  That, of course, can be broken up into many different facets and finding a way to get it right is in the effort that we are prepared to put in.

So never for one moment think that you are alone and that you should be embarrassed for anything that has gone on in your life.  The best way to learn about yourself is to learn from others.  Their story can't be your story but enough bits and pieces of people's stories could make up a piece of yours. Don't be afraid to share what is comfortable because in doing that you may be helping someone else uncover things about themselves.

If we learn about ourselves through others then doing personal growth courses with others is one of the ways to go. Sharing your story with others is all about trust. Trust is always a two-way thing and if you are all sharing and experiencing this together it makes the learning process a lot less painful than to be going through all alone.

For me to see people relax and share with one another while learning about themselves is an experience you should try. It helps build courage and confidence as this is what it takes to unpack your box. We all have things that we drag along in our life, but once we can identify what has held us back and what has become a limiting belief we can then begin to work on getting it out of the way.

Life is a gift and we get one chance to get it right. If you feel you are getting it wrong do something about it. Get out there and find a way to be better at being better!

Find your true talents and capabilities and actually start doing things for yourself. Mend relationships that may be causing dissonance and heartache otherwise learn to accept certain inalienable truths, sometimes relationships have an expiry date on them. Sort out your finances and start living the life you want to live. Having debt hanging over you is one of life's biggest stresses. Stop denying or avoiding... Just do it!

For many of us, winter is on its way, and isn't that a great excuse to not exercise? I know you know that is a very bad excuse and it will no doubt catch up with you in the end. "If you don't move it, you will lose it": I have heard this many times and I live by it personally.

One area that cannot be forgotten or overlooked is the are of self-esteem. Do you have what it takes to get up, dust yourself off, grab your life with both hands and start making a difference in your own life? You have to build yourself up to do the things you want to do and have the unfounded motivation not to stop. When things are difficult we need the self-esteem to drive and push us. So if that's what it is going to take to get you where you need to be then don't be afraid to start working on yourself!

Be bold and do what you know you should do.  Personal growth is what will get you out of fear and into knowing exactly why you do what you do.  You will uncover a world of opportunities because new doors will open as you take bold steps forward.

So I leave you with this... Be better at being better!  You will know when that happens.


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