Why Did She Leave So Soon?

By Guest · May 21, 2017 · True Stories · 3 min read

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This is a true story of a young woman who has recently crossed my path.  When she sat with me for the first time there was one amazing thing that I noticed, she never once made herself sound like a victim.  When we were well into her session and I was getting to understand what she was actually wanting to work on, only then did she open up and share her tragic story.  I admire her! This is her story...

The word story is defined in the dictionary as an account of imaginary or real people and events told for entertainment.

When I was asked to write a blog about my personal story, I was thrown by the meaning of it. Will I write the fiction version, filled with hidden truths and covered up with lies, because no one likes a sad story and we all want to believe that nothing bad ever happens?  Or do I tell the truth, where life is not a fairy tale but rather a big gigantic mess and we all are just playing along with the cards that were dealt with us in the poker game that we call life?

My cards were dealt at the age of sixteen, when my mother, who was my role model and best friend, committed suicide. Suddenly my perfect world came crumbling to pieces and everything that was so certain became very unsure, extremely fast.

I had to move from Cape Town to live with my father in Johannesburg, change schools and say goodbye to all my friends and family. The hardest part was leaving behind my two brothers aged four and one.

It was tough to get used to the new circumstances and to go through my adolescent years without the love, guidance and support from my mom.  

I became very bitter due to my circumstances and hated life. I blamed anyone and everyone for their part in my twisted plot. 

In the months after her death, whilst I was still at school, I had to find a part-time job, where I worked every weekend and holidays. I studied very hard despite all the setbacks and was fortunate enough to matriculate.  

After I matriculated I wasn’t unable to study further, due to financial difficulties. I had to get a permanent job and start working. As soon as I got my third pay slip, I grabbed my independence with both hands and moved out into my own place, that I now share with my loving boyfriend, who is my best friend.

I met him two years after my mom’s death and he has been the greatest blessing that I have ever received. He is loving, caring and most of all supportive. He helped me through my depression, showed me that there is more to life than heartache and encouraged me to get help and become better.

Although I’ve only recently learnt to accept what has happened in my past and look at my story from a new perspective, I know that there will be more challenges ahead and therefore I’ll use this experience to get through them.  Where it’s possible, I hope I can guide others who go through similar situations. I’m grateful that I was given the opportunity to share my story and show that it is not about what cards are dealt but about how you play them.

It is really wonderful to see her strength.  She has work to be done and is prepared to put all the effort to align her dreams with the reality of the life that lies ahead of her.  With strength and courage she will make her life count for something important and special, and with love and support she will be the main actress in her Story


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