My Wake Up Call

By Guest · May 28, 2017 · True Stories · 4 min read

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Why is it that we have to have a life shock or something happen for us to realize that we are doing something wrong in our lives. In my own life I have had this personal experience.  When this happens suddenly you are prepared to do so much for your life and the people around you.  You see your relationships as a place to start fixing and you see your life almost with a fresh pair of eyes.  Your gratitude for being alive is the fuel you need to move you to the next level.  My question to you is,  "Why do we have to wait for something bad to happen to us before we make the changes needed to live a happier and healthier life?"  This is a true story written by one of my clients who would like to share her experience. 

It started last year.  I was just getting over my parents’ divorce, when, all of a sudden, I was facing my own.  Married for 14 years, thinking all is fine and life is treating me well. 

We had decided to buy a house, my mom helping us get the bond approved. She had moved in with us after her divorce. We could never have stood alone financially, it was not possible. We even tried to move to Vienna, which also did not work. My ex-husband never stood by me, he never fought for me, and he certainly could never support me. He did cheat on me, he used to drink away all the money we had, he lied to me and in all honesty, he only had his own personal interest at heart. 

He now thinks its best we do get divorced.  I had to carry the divorce costs.  With the divorce agreement, he signed away his right to have custody of his children. It seemed like all of a sudden, he did not want his kids. The divorce agreement was signed on the 15th of September and on the 18th of September I did see a confirmation for a flight ticket leaving the 2 November. 

He then moved out of the house, after more fights and arguments. He even told his kids they are also to blame for the divorce. He had promised them the world but did not come through for them. In February, I was finally divorced starting my single life. 

Only to find with him not paying maintenance, I am now moving slowly but surely into a financial abyss.  I have now reached a point where I did not know which way to turn and I could only wait for a breaking point of some sort.   

Using my ex-husband’s motorbike to go to work (in order to save money) I end up in an accident that almost kills me. In a split second my life changed:  I faced death head-on. I was crossing a four-way intersection and a car turned in front of me. This was the point of no return, I could see it in slow motion – I was going to be killed on impact. There was nothing I could do. I was knocked out. 

The next thing ER24 Wakes me up explaining I was in an accident, “Mam, what is your name?” I had no idea what happened to me. Why was I in the middle of the road, why was I in pain? What is going on? I ask. Okay, mam, you need to sit up we need to take off your helmet and gear, we need to see what is broken. 

I was so stoked when they wanted to take my helmet off. I told myself...I was on the motorbike! No can't be... they took off my jacket and started their investigation. Only to find I was perfectly fine. But I was in pain from my shoulders down. Both arms in so much pain I started to get upset in the ambulance. The ER nurse told me "mam the way your motorbike looks and the car, and the fact that you were knocked out. I feel I needed to give you oxygen or get your arms ready or casting. But you don't need that you're very lucky or God really loves you or your journey is still in the making."

My client suddenly realized she needed to get herself together and sort out the little things that were holding her back.  She knows that not doing something about it will take her pleasure and enjoyment away so she going through her life fixing things that need fixing because we don't really have the luxury of time because we don't know exactly how long we have to get our lives in order.  Time is a luxury and she has discovered the Power of her now!


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