Beliefs for Life.

By LifeworX · Oct. 23, 2017 · Self Help · 2 min read

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Your whole life is a result of your beliefs.

The direction and quality of your life is based on your beliefs.

Beliefs are what your thoughts, expectation and actions are based on.

Your beliefs, depending on what they are, have the power to either build or destroy. 

A mixture of your childhood influences, authority figures and other social and personal influences are what form our beliefs. We seem to accept them as absolute truths, and we land up defending them and living by them no matter what that costs us.

There is proof of this in every culture and religion. We grow up with past traditions that society has had for centuries and have developed our beliefs around that.

You are going to learn more about your beliefs and re-shape the ones that don’t benefit your life for ones that do. You must choose beliefs that will open up to possibility and not ones that hold you back from doing the things you love.

It is very possible to change your beliefs but first you need to identify them.  Find out what is holding you back and address them as they will interfere with your decision making and often will also create doubt.

You just have to be clear about what you want to believe and take responsibility for choosing your beliefs yourself! The more you know about yourself the easier it is to establish a solid trustworthy set of core beliefs. Beliefs are very personal. In order to move forward in adding new ones to yours you actually need to want that change to occur.

It may be hard letting go of some beliefs you have had in the past as they do become so much a part of your every day life and routine. If the beliefs you have make you feel good, drive you and excite you then those are the ones you keep. You need to establish what the bad ones are and face them head on.  Make the decision to make the changes.

You will notice for yourself how the disempowering beliefs have held you back and put doubt in your way. The empowering ones on the other hand have given you strength and reinforcement in your life’s choices. You are now at an advantage! You can see more clearly what are your empowering beliefs are and begin to add fresh ones that will support you in your goals.

Taking charge over the beliefs that are almost forced onto us as we grow up. Not everything you learn will work for you.  Your belief system must be what you truly believe in and how you live your life. You need to believe in the things you are doing in your life and not just follow what has already been proven does not work.

Time to take responsibility! Taking responsibility is very liberating and it should leave you feeling more powerful than before.



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