Risky Business!

By Guest · May 26, 2019 · Self Help · 2 min read

How many times have you heard… I am just not ready? Or you even said to yourself: I am too scared?

People tend to be happy in their comfort zone, I suppose that’s why it’s called comfort. So many people dream of what-ifs and what-could-be, but then leave it at dreams and wishes!

I was paralyzed by my own anxiety of the unknown and the what-ifs for many years. Chasing after the dream, but never doing anything to really achieve it.

Until I had to take that leap, it was a do or die (inside) kind of situation. Stay in a loveless, controlling and emotionally abusive marriage or take a leap of faith and go back into the world. Create my own happiness! Write my new future. Obviously, I was scared. I had a comfortable life. I didn’t work, but was desperate to make my future my own and live up to the potentials I dreamt up for myself. I didn’t have all the opportunities the average middle-class person has. I couldn’t go to university, because of my family’s financial restraints, but I knew in my heart I wanted to be successful. So why did I find myself sitting in a marriage where I wasn’t allowed to work and got absolutely nothing in return?

So, I took the step, I phoned up an old boss who by the grace of God offered me a job immediately. It wasn’t easy, but I slowly started building my life back up from scratch. What came next can only be described as bold courage. 

I was so grateful to my boss for giving me an opportunity and made a big success of it, but I knew I wanted more, go further, see the world and be completely independent.

I took a risk and changed careers. Fake it till you make it kind of thing.

What I got in return was a roller coaster ride with fairies and gold dust at the end. For the past 10 years, I have seen and experienced so much, been to Nigeria and Angola.  A female alone, no private security services and still here to tell the tale. Overall, I’ve been to about 18 different African countries and have managed to travel to Asia, Europe, Canada and USA. This year I found myself in the US 5 times and got to see different cities every time I went.

I have met the most incredible people, experienced some amazing stuff and finally, this year paid off for me financially.

It wasn’t without hard work and long hours and believe me I had my failures, but I think if I stayed in my comfort zone, someone would have found me dead in my bathroom 9 years ago from an overdose.

I am loving life, I have freedom and a great work-life balance. Just because I took that one risk.

Don’t be afraid, don’t over analyse. Take risks and BE BOLD!


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