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I will start this blog by saying that I never read when I was younger.  There was no way I was the only kid that never read a book unless I had to. School just didn’t make it worth my while or my time to read something that would inspire me in any way.  I remember reading Shakespeare and all the plays that came along with that.  Never understanding the meaning of half what it was actually about.

Then came the set workbooks which were forced upon us.  I was at a school that didn’t really encourage personal growth literature, but rather we had to just read what was on the list of what to read.

It is only with time, with the internet and the explosion of so many different topics that reading now has meaning to me.  It has that definitely something, that has not only changed my life but expanded every aspect of it.

Before I carry on with the good stuff, let me just get something out of the way …. being dyslexic didn’t help.  Struggling to read and comprehend is not exactly encouraging at all.  So I suppose things have changed now that I am older and don’t have a teacher breathing down my neck to get finished in a hurry or having to explain the read article.

I now choose books that interest me, take my breath away and leave me with things to think about. I can read in my own time and I actually enjoy it. Reading books that interest me and my life are what keep me engaged.  Why did it take me so long to realise that reading was what knowledge was all about? I will stress again that it really should be something that will benefit you to keep you in touch and in tune.

There are three books that I know changed my life. Without a doubt, the messages that I got from these three books elevated me and made me see things differently.  Ever since then, I have either bought or made suggestions to my friends and family that they really should give these a try.

Maybe I was ready for the messages that these books gave me at the time and luckily so because now I can reference them and the impact they have made on my thoughts and aspirations.

So I thought if I was going to write a blog like this, I might as well promote the books that could possibly change your life too.

The first book I will share with you is – The Secret by Rhonda Burns.  In the very beginning, people thought this was a cult because it speaks about the law of attraction and manifestation.  What this really equates to is self-belief and the power of prayer. Why are we so scared of a new way of thinking and being?  Give this book a try one day and see for yourself how wonderful it is to take control of your thoughts and how to eradicate your limiting aspects in your mind and in your life.

The second book that moved me beyond belief was– The Alchemistic by Paulo Coelho .  This book will take you on a journey like no other.  A simple story about a Shepard who travels across the desert in search of his dreams.  This will take you there and make you realise so much about yourself.  There is a message and life lesson on every single page. You will be blown away by the strong messages of dreams hopes and desires and how to get you to where you want to be.  Don’t put this book down until you get the message you are meant to get.  Powerful beyond belief!

The third book and by no means the last is -  The Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma.  This is a great way to realise that purpose can mean something so different in a different situation or circumstance and we should not take things for granted.  It is about reaching your personal best and never holding back on becoming better at being better.

So I leave you with your curiosity to go and get one of these.  Decide to give it a chance to make an impact in your life, your mind and your perception. You won’t be sorry, because no one is telling you what to read and forcing you, but rather encouraging you. This could be the start of a whole new world for you.

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