Think BIG!

By LifeworX · Aug. 12, 2017 · Motivation · 3 min read

Think Big words taken by Brigette

Wow, what does that actually mean to you?  I suppose it means something different to everyone. I reckon ‘thinking big’ for most is that they think you want something big. It could be wanting something that someone has possibly told you, you can’t have or can’t do. Now you really kick things into high gear and you are ‘thinking big’! You're wanting that thing you were told you cannot have!

I've been thinking big since I was very young... Young enough to know what I want. I haven’t let people hold me back and I definitely haven’t let people put my fire out! Big thinking has driven me to work with all sorts of people and I've motivated them to go out and do what they want and get what they want. Why not, right? Has fear ever stopped you? Why do we fear so much? Why do we let people put fear and doubt into our minds and allow them to stop our big thinking?

It is so very healthy to dream, but I will tell you what is unhealthy: to ONLY dream. You have to ‘Think Big’ and then go out there and do something about it. Find the will and the want that you know nothing will stop you. You definitely won’t allow the comments of others to distract you from your goal!

Don’t ever think what you want is irrelevant, because the people around you don’t find it interesting or important.  This is your ‘big’ dream and you need to acknowledge it for yourself.  Everything you want is important, because when you stop ‘Thinking Big’ you are slowing yourself down and losing the very things that drive you and give you purpose.

We all need to feel hope and purpose and have the determination to get the outcome we need from life.  So take a time-out to write a few of your ‘Big Thoughts’ down! Talk to people who will at least listen and give you the support you need to get you moving on these wishes.

If you feel like you have lost this burning desire, go back in your mind to the very first time someone put that fire out.  Revive it and look deep inside for that little person who was excited about the very idea of something so big and grand.  There is nothing stopping you, except yourself, from allowing others to come between you and your dreams, hopes, and desires. Get your life back on track and take charge and get ‘Thinking Big’ again. You owe it to yourself!

I will continue to ‘Think Big’, because no one else will do it for me. It is for me to make a difference in my own life and not allow anyone or anything to stand in the way of my biggest wish.  Moving forwards with motivation and a will to want the things that I can do and that will make me feel like I have put the effort into my life and my world.

‘Think Big’ and never stop.  The older you are the ‘Bigger’ you should think….. because you are in charge and in control of your world.


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