Life is Shweet!

By LifeworX · Aug. 28, 2017 · Motivation · 3 min read

Ice cream with chocolate sauce.

Loving life is a fundamental part of being happy.  Working on happiness in one's life is often not as hard as it seems.  You need to know what makes you happy and take it seriously.  One should always try and fulfil those things whether big or small regularly.  Happiness really is in your hands.  

First, we need to address the things that stop you from being happy.  Things like guilt, doubt and a big one... fear of what others think. Once you overcome that fear you will be set free.  Free from always needing other peoples buy in to what is making you happy.  One thing I have personally learnt is that you can't always make everyone happy. If you begin doing things that make you happy, life will be a lot easier and far more rewarding.  

Secondly, doubt is like poison in your life on every level.  Once you begin doubting yourself and the reasons for wanting something, you will divert yourself from it even if you know that you will not be happy with that choice.  Doubt is fueled by not believing in yourself right from the start of what you are setting out to do.  Work on your self-belief and just do it.

Fear is a biggy and why is this… Although fear is a very natural thing to feel it can debilitate us to a degree that we almost self-sabotage ourselves and our happiness.  Fear of what others think and how we perceive things to be before they even happen can paralyze us and because of that we never do what it is we wanted to.  Unhappiness is almost easier than happiness simply because to be happy you need to be proactive, brave and self-disciplined.

Happiness is a great way of showing yourself some respect.  Look after yourself and everyone else around you will benefit from that happy person you are.  It really does take an effort to work on yourself but if you do you will be happy with how you feel.  Life is beautiful and loving life is really up to you.  It is no one else's job to make you happy. They can be a part of your happiness but they can't make you happy - well not all the time...  This is your job and you should be happy with your job profile.

  1. Write down things that will make you happy no matter how big or small it all counts.

  2. Give yourself a plan of how you are going to go about it.

  3. Write down the obstacles that you may have to face.

  4. Write down the doubts you have and evaluate if they are relevant?

  5. Face your fears head on with no regret or remorse.

  6. Establish where the guilt is coming from and if it worth your unhappiness?

  7. Figure out how much you are prepared to do to get what you really want from your life?

  8. Stay disciplined and see your goals and plans through, giving up on your dreams will wear away at your happiness.

  9. Get support from the people in your life who want the best for you.

  10.  Be okay with being happy. It is available to all of us.

Take your happiness seriously and follow this basic recipe. 

“The more I practice the luckier I get.” - Gary Player

Life is your game so practice playing it the best you can and see just how happy you can become.


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