Talking to Strangers...

By LifeworX · Nov. 12, 2017 · Thoughts · 3 min read

People standing next to each other at a counter.

I love talking to strangers... do you?

Well, for some this is a crazy concept.  I have realized over the years, that I talk to people anywhere.  I also catch myself engaging with strangers from all walks of life, all ages and wow I actually get a kick from the reaction I get.

I decided to write this blog, because I thought I would share some of my experiences with those who wonder how this is even possible. This morning when I unlocked my house and saw a lady walking down the street, a total stranger, I decided to shout a happy, singy-songy, “Good Morning!” and it was so cool to get a happy good morning straight back. What a great way to start my day!

For the skeptics, you probably have tried this and not been greeted back? Well, don’t stop trying, because when it happens you will be pleasantly surprised. It’s a great feeling and I wait for that moment when someone takes time out to chat back.

Over the years I have tested myself and I have found that starting out with a smile and something positive to say, gets a reaction from almost anyone.  Standing in a queue and just finding something to talk about with a total stranger is fun and challenging at times.  I can’t promise you will always get the reaction you would like. Some people can really brush you off and crush your little plan.  When that happens to me, I just find another stranger and try again.  

I have met so many people from all walks of life and often it has led to new friendships and relationships even if it is not a long lasting one. We can learn so much from one another and we should not be afraid to go out looking for interactions and connections with people.

For me, talking to strangers is a way of putting into life and into others. I know it sometimes takes a lot of courage and confidence to do it, but wow, the self-esteem after the encounter is priceless.  It is so awesome to get a good reaction from a stranger and it definitely fuels my zest for life.  

So I now challenge you to go and try it yourself.  Try it once, try it twice, but please try it.  You will always learn something from the situation and you will be able to feel like you are empowered to talk to people you don’t even know.  As I write this I am on a flight to Cape Town and there is this guy who is clearly with the woman next to him, but it’s a crazy situation, because he has a wedding ring, but she doesn’t so little dodgy…..  

I decided to chat to him and well, this is one of those times when it turns out that clearly I shouldn’t have gone there…… so funny now I am writing about them and my situation!  

So now the question is: should I try again or move on to the guy on my left?  I will see how I feel.  There are no rules, so this is clearly a Think-Feel-Act situation.  For now, I will go with the lady I greeted this morning, which is almost so long ago I should have forgotten it.  But that encounter has made me realize, that some people will engage with you and others won’t, but that doesn’t mean you should feel offended and give up trying.

The pleasure I get from my positive mini encounters is what makes me keep trying again and again to find another person who will reciprocate. I will always take something away from that very moment.  So I dare you to give it a go and feel like you tried something you never thought possible.


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