How Rich Are You?

By Guest · Sept. 14, 2018 · Thoughts · 1 min read

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If you ask people for a list of what they want most in life, I think ‘rich’ will come up in many of the answers.  

Rich? in what?

How you do measure rich-ness?

Is it the amount of money in the bank that will make you feel happy? 

Is it the number of friends you got?

Is it a number on your happiness scale?

Do you have a happiness scale?

Is it all the milestones you have reached and accomplished?

Is it what you have heard other people say?

Is it what you know makes you feel internally rich?

This can be a very subjective thing.  Everybody measures richness on a different scale, depending on what they value, what is dear to them and possibly also what they are not prepared to tolerate. 

This is a vast subject – rich could mean financial, material, spiritual, or all three lumped together.  

To me, richness is an internal feeling, a deep contentment, almost to the effect that you are rich in soul and spirit and happy within yourself and with your means that are at your disposal.  I think what it comes down to though is: how do you see yourself in relation to others? So you should be asking yourself a completely different set of questions: 

What level of contentment is at the very center of your being?  

What are you striving for and why? 

What have you accepted  - something you have made peace with? 

What needs your attention – something you have not made peace with yet?

What action do you think you need to take to reach your level of 


So besides finding out what it is, that will make you rich, you need to find ways and take steps to reach the level that is ‘rich enough’ for you.


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