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By Guest · April 9, 2018 · Thoughts · 2 min read

A guy thinking in his apartment.

I got to thinking and that was clearly where it all goes wrong.  So we got talking and we decided it was imperative that perceptions and misperceptions be resolved in order for harmony to prevail.

This was after a long hot day in the sun and we are once again not even sure what we meant.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have thought something that really wasn’t happening and by jumping to conclusions you created havoc?  A misperception is what actually took place because of our own personal referencing which could be incorrect when applied to your situation.  By not clarifying your standpoint, things can de-rail very quickly. 

For example, if a colleague leaves work early on a regular basis and you perceive this as unfair as you leave at the expected finishing time.  If that colleague now asks you to stand in for him on a given day, you might be irritated that you now have to do his work also. What you might not know is that he is looking after an ill relative who he needs to take to the doctor. Because you are irritated with the situation, without knowing the whole background, you are not very pleasant.  This irritation could have been avoided if you spoke up and talked to your colleague. 

So I believe, we need to reassess and analyse just how we are thinking and to what extent we have used our previous experiences to influence our reactions and interactions.  Have we taken into account the other person’s past experiences and perceptions?  Have we offended anyone along the way? Have we levelled the playing fields by asking the other person how they feel or why they are acting the way they are?

It is time to realise that our perceptions are not always right and we are sometimes wrong.  It is not all about us!

The way forward from this sticky situation is to take a moment and put yourself in the other person's shoes and then respond logically rather than react impulsively.  This will surely improve your understanding of others and make you socially more EQ’d (Emotionally intelligent).

So whether it is a misperception or your own perception that you perceive in a certain situation, be open to learning about others and be more accepting of different people and their perceptions. 





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