Finishing 2017 with a Bang!

By LifeworX · Nov. 19, 2017 · Motivation · 2 min read


So how has your year treated you?  Everything is relative, but for me it is what I have made it.  For all the decisions I have made have led me to where I am right now.

I have ticked off my goals as the year has gone by and I am pretty happy to say, that for most of it, I have accomplished what I set out to do.  For the ones that got away, I look back now and realize those are the goals and things I didn’t really want in the first place.

Way too often we put things down on our list, because we feel we should or someone else suggested it.  We also think we should put certain things down because someone else is doing it. Well, that could be your mistake, because that is not truly how you feel and not what you really want to do.

So before the year is finished and before you try and set new goals for next year and a bunch of new years resolutions, think about what it is that you really want for yourself, for your life and your future.

It is a lot easier to reach your goals when they are what you truly want and desire.  We all have needs and wants and fulfilling them takes time, money and effort. So make sure you are keen to spend the time on them, because that time you spend on making your goals obtainable, takes you away from other things, and you are possibly spending money.  Effort is energy so don’t regret spending all your energy on something that you know you don’t really have the will to want to do.

Let your goals become part of your every day life and understand this:  all your decisions and I definitely mean every decision will definitely make or break the course to that goal you have set for yourself.  Be clear and consistent in the way you manage your ideas and plans for the things you want.

To do this take a step back and see what has worked for you and what hasn’t in getting your goals achieved. Follow the path that is best for you even if it may take a little longer, more energy and more money, because this is something you are really wanting and there will be no remorse or regret when you finally achieve your goal.

Get the right support from the people around you and that too will lead you to complete satisfaction of at least giving it a go.  Love your goals with all your heart and try this concept: -  Be Grateful  -   Ask  - Believe -  Receive.


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