You Are Going To Be Just Fine

By Guest · June 22, 2018 · Motivation · 2 min read

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Imagine with me for a second if you were all you ever needed.  Imagine if you were always there for yourself.  Imagine if you could provide just what you need in every situation.  Imagine allowing your friends, family and significant others to play the role of delightfully enriching your life. 

In the past, I constantly feared that I wasn’t going to be fine, but this was because I never realised that I was all that I ever needed and that I really just needed to be there for myself. I was dependent on friends and significant others to make me happy as opposed to letting them enrich my life, which is so good already.

I believe the problem was hidden in my need to control everything around me.  I certainly did very little to control my own thoughts and actions. I was not tuned into present life and kept desiring my life to mirror a different version of the story that I was currently living. My mind was my worst enemy, a beautiful tool that I didn’t know how to operate and so I was causing so much damage and destruction all around me. My mind was so caught up with, “how long will this last?” I felt hurt, confused and lonely most of the time and the more that I tried to control everything around me, the more hurt, confused and lonely I felt.

“Your mind is everything, what you think you become.” This simple truth has changed my life. Without really realising it, I created a mantra for myself. A mantra is an “instrument for the mind.” The roots of man(mind) and tra (instrument) come from Sanskrit and can help utilise the power of the mind to enter a place of healthy silence. In this space I could gain distance, perspective and awareness from the stories that I would create and tell myself about my life and get so wrapped up in. 

This has allowed me to know without a doubt in my mind everything is as it should be and I rest in the comfort of this truth.

If I choose to stay tuned into the present moment and committed to personal growth, I can honour and be grateful for life’s ups and downs and have the power to provide to myself what I need.

I am there, always there, the constant ever present voice in my life. It’s not that I don’t have good mates, loved ones or a strong support system. I do. But they are truly the cherry on top, a precious gift and a supplement to my own inner knowing and love.


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