Accommodate Your Mind

By Guest · Aug. 10, 2018 · Motivation · 3 min read

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When training elephants in India, handlers begin the training by chaining one of the elephant’s legs to a tree. Over time, they gradually decrease the size of the chain until all it takes to hold the elephant is a tiny piece of string. It is not the string that restrains the 5-ton animal. It is the mind! Your mind can limit you in the same way, but it doesn’t have to.

For almost all of my life, I allowed my mind to limit me. I was the elephant and my mind was the tiny piece of string that kept me enslaved, kept me in my past and kept me from the true freedom that I so desperately desired. I managed to not only allow myself to be limited by my mind, but I also destroyed myself and created a horrific reality for myself through my thoughts and mind.  I had no idea that it was me who was actually creating all the hurt, disappointment, confusion, chaos and desperation within my own life. If you are reading this blog I need you to know that: YOUR mind does create your own reality! You are capable of changing your mind and thus changing your reality, the power is in your thoughts and perceptions. The most complex manifestation of intelligence resides between your ears!

I have learned that you can accommodate your mind to either be your greatest tool or you can allow your mind to limit your life. We have a choice in the manner in which our mind affects our life. I say that because your mind takes the shape of whatever you allow it to rest upon. 

If you regularly rest your brain upon worries, self-criticism, hurt, anger or your past, then your brain will gradually take that shape and it will develop neural structures and dynamics of anxiety, low sense of work and reactivity to others. Rest your mind on the fact that you are alright right now, See the good in yourself and let go of negativity and see how your mind takes on a new shape and adjusts your neural pathways. You will start to experience a calm strength, self-confidence, and an inner peace. The more you use any part of your brain, the stronger it becomes. Be present and see what part of your brain you are strengthening. 

My life changed when I made a decision to take charge of my life. You see, we all have a choice and we choose our state of mind. There is nothing in this world that we can control other than ourselves.  The quality of our life is inherent not in the place but in your perspective. If your mind is free and unchained, you will find yourself in a more accommodating world, a place that is endlessly interesting, alive and free. Pushing our minds beyond what we believed to be our limits will create an indescribable sense of joy as we see how limitless we truly are.  

By recognizing your negative thinking patterns, not buying into them and turning them around, you can make your mind work for you and not against you. On average we think 50 000 thoughts per day. What are you doing with your thoughts? Where does your mind go during the day? 

I challenge you to be the watcher of your thoughts and slowly you will see that not only our mind creates our reality, but you will also discover that all problems are purely an illusion of the mind. I have learned that nothing is purely good or bad by itself… good and bad are determined by my unique thoughts, perspective, and brain. 

The “tiny string” is not the limit, the limit is your mind! 

My wish is for you to know that you are the artist and creator of your life. Control your mind and choose your thoughts to live a life that is unconditional and you will experience joy like never before. Make every day the happiest day yet!


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