Great Life Lessons

By Guest · Aug. 31, 2018 · Tips

A womans arm touching a coffee mug with a book lying next to it  with some blue flowers on a desk

The lessons that I have learnt are priceless and I wanted to share them with you.

⁃  There is so much more in life to be grateful for than most people ever imagine 

⁃  Real love is persistent and unfailing 

⁃  There are a lot of great people in my corner when I open my eyes,    

   let down my defenses and allow them in. 

⁃  Hard work is rewarded, sometimes not on our timeline, but always in the end. 

⁃  Trying to please everyone else is a sure way to live an unhappy life. 

⁃  Even though I think in theory that everything is black and white, life is lived in vivid colour. 

⁃  The grass is greenest where I take care of it. 

⁃  If you decide you really want something, you can always find a way to make it happen. 

⁃  How I see and treat myself impacts how I show up in the world and how I treat the people around me. 

⁃  Prioritizing some of my own goals and dreams doesn’t make me selfish. 

⁃  My success in anything I do has a direct correlation to my own self-belief. 

⁃  You don’t need to be the most talented person anywhere in anything. You just need to be consistent and persistent in a few habits repeated 

    over time in order to be successful. 

⁃  Happiness is a choice. 

⁃  The only thing I can really ever control at any time is my attitude. 

⁃  Moments and experiences with people I love are more enriching and 
more fulfilling than any material possessions. 

⁃ It doesn’t matter what your start in life was. What matters is that you show up each day a little better than the day before.