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By LifeworX · Nov. 10, 2018 · Tips · 2 min read

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It is a great idea to have an action plan in place. Knowing a few disciplines that make life work can be very useful to you and the way you operate. Here are a few tips that will come in quite handy.

-Don’t think you are alone.

-Get back on track from the weekend

-Be disciplined in your approach

-Help yourself get to Friday

-Concentrate on one day at a time

-Start with your best foot forward, don’t get caught on your back foot

-Take the bull by the horns and get the job done

-Don’t procrastinate it becomes a habit

-Make time to smell the roses or coffee if you prefer 

-Be prepared and take action 

-Activate your brain and energize your body the best way you can 

·Make that call you have been putting off

·Take responsibility for the things that you know you have done wrong

·Find something you think about that scares you and do it

·Find someone who deserves a compliment and give it to them

·Motivate yourself by proving the right people wrong

·Ask for help when you need it.  It recognizes their skill and value and it sends a message of respect and admiration.

·Go out of your way to offer your help to someone else

·When no one else is willing to do the job, you do it!

·It is true that we should concern ourselves with what others think, but not if it stops you from living the life you want to be living.

·If you know that you need to say sorry then take action. It could be you’re your words and your actions.  It could even be for your thoughts

·Boost yourself whenever you get the chance to feel good and be great there is nothing like a bit of self-confidence to get you to where you need to be.

·When opportunity knocks make sure you are there to take action. 

Say yes more than you say No and stop thinking you can’t because you CAN.

·Learn to say No to the right things – you know what they are.

·Be with people who add value to your life.

A First impression is everything. Remember to be at your best always.

·Never be afraid to do something that you wouldn’t usually do.  

Roll up your sleeves and get down and dirty if you have to.

·Don’t be too stubborn to try someone else’s way sometimes it is better than yours.

·Doing something that you didn’t think you would enjoy could turn into the best thing you have done……. Take action, take a chance and do it NOW!   

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