Rules For Life

By LifeworX · Oct. 13, 2018 · Tips · 5 min read

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                                                    You get older not necessarily wiser

  • Wisdom is not about not making mistakes but about learning to escape afterward with your dignity and sanity intact
  • Accept what is done is done
  • What is done is gone and you need to just get on with the rest
  • Accept yourself
  • Learn to accept the things about yourself and don't judge others either
  • Know what counts and what doesn’t
  • There are things in your life that are important and a whole lot of things that aren’t
  • Dedicate your life to something
  • To know how you are doing; what you are doing; where you are going are all possible to measure
  • Be flexible in your thinking
  • Try to see life not as the enemy, but as a friendly sparring partner
  • Take an interest in the outside world
  • Taking an interest in the outside world is about developing yourself
  • Be on the side of angels
  • Don’t get torn between what you want and what is good for others
  • Only dead fish swim with the stream
  • Accept what life really is, a series of ups and downs and learn to make the best of each situation
  • Life is a whole life lesson in its self
  • Be the last to raise your voice
  • Not shouting during heated situations is a sign of inner strength
  • Be your own adviser
  • No fear, no surprise, no hesitation, no doubt
  • Face fear head on   -  wake up to reality and nothing can surprise you    - if there is nothing to be done then waiting doesn’t help    - get on with it and trust your judgment completely
  • Don’t look at others enviously but rather as a motivation.
  • Count to ten, find some composure and then you will find an appropriate response
  • Change what you can change and  let go of what you can't
  • Dedicate yourself personally to things you can change and where you can make a difference
  • Aim to be the very best at everything you do – not second best
  • Failing to come first is fine, never strive for second best
  • Don’t be afraid to dream
  • Goals have to be realistic but dreams don’t
  • Don’t dwell on the past
  • Live here live now – live in the moment
  • Don’t forget to make smart goals which will make planning for the future more real
  • Get on with life – stop waiting for someone else.  Destiny waits for no one
  • Give life a lot of thought if you want to get the best out of it
  • Dress like today is important
  • People will react differently to you if you dress as if it matters and that means your attitude too
  • Have a positive belief system and a bulletproof set of values
  • Leave a little space for yourself each day
  • Learn to reflect on what you have done and still need to do
  • Have a goal
  • You have to have a goal or it will just remain a dream
  • Have a sense of humor
  • See something funny in whatever life throws at you
  • Choose the way you make your bed
  • Do the right thing every time. You know what it is
  • Life can be a bit like advertising
  • You will never know from which bits of effort comes the best reward
  • Get used to stepping outside of your comfort zone
  • Expanding your comfort zone makes you feel good about yourself
  • Learn to ask questions
  • Questions will help you clarify your thoughts
  • Have dignity
  • Dignity is about showing self-respect and quiet self-esteem
  • It is ok to feel big emotions
  • Show your feelings otherwise they just get pushed down and suppressed
  • Keep the faith
  • Believe that there is always someone on your side 
  • You’ll never understand everything
  • People will always behave strangely
  • Know where true happiness comes from
  • Understand what makes you happy and get into that situation as often as possible
  • Know when to let go -  when to walk away
  • If it is dead don’t go digging it up every five minutes to check if there is a pulse. It is dead. Walk away
  • Maintain good manners in all things
  • Learn to respect others and as the saying goes " do unto others as you would want done unto yourself"
  • Prune your stuff f regularly
  • Make a great first impression
  • Don’t keep cluttering your mind and emotions. Clear out what is not necessary and make space for new and exciting thoughts and emotions
  • Remember to touch base
  • Your base is where you were before you got so lost.
  • Draw the lines around yourself
  • Setting personal boundaries means you don’t have to be scared of other people anymore
  • Shop for quality not price
  • If you can’t afford it simply don’t buy it
  • It is ok to worry or to know how not to
  • You are allowing things to bring you down, be more proactive do something about it or let it go
  • Stay young its starts with your mind
  • Staying young is trying out new tastes, new places, new styles
  • Throwing money at a problem doesn’t always work
  • Throwing money at it doesn’t make the problem disappear it just delays it
  • Think for yourself
  • We all want to blend in, be one of the crowds, be acknowledged. We all want to belong
  • You are not in charge
  • Once you accept that you are not in charge you can let go and live and stop trying to control everything
  • Have something in your life that takes you out of yourself
  • Listen to music, read an autobiography something that gives you a break
  • Try your level best not to allow the feeling guilt to rule your life
  • If you feel the occasional guilt that is a good sign that you are still feeling and thinking
  • If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all
  • Saying something kind makes you feel better about yourself, keeps you positive. 

Life is an adventure and a journey

Enjoy the ride

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