Be Your Truth

By LifeworX · Oct. 13, 2018 · Self Help · 2 min read

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It is so important to be completely true to who you are.  You don’t want to look back on life with regrets and know that you did not have the strength within yourself to follow your life’s purpose.  You want to know that you did whatever it took to accomplish your goals.  Being disappointed in yourself is soul destroying.

Living from your inner self-means you will feel secure.  You will not be without love and you will also believe that you can be loved unconditionally.  Being true to yourself is the beginning of unconditional love and a security you do not need from anyone else.  You will be reliant on yourself to be the one person you can trust because you have been true and honest with yourself.

Most of the time, we feel stress because we have not handled a situation in a way where our judgment has not been clouded by our own outer self.

We all have problems and you need to find solutions for yourself. You need to burn the problems away by being responsible for how you got there in the first place.  Taking accountability is where it all starts. Once you have done that, it is easier to work on fixing the problems that you encounter.  Problems are real, but if you keep shoving them away, they usually come back with double the stress they arrived with.  We all have a reason why we do things and knowing how to handle problems head-on allows you to confront and deal with them.  In this case, sooner than later is always a good idea so that you can get your direction back and go in the direction of your purpose because that is where your true inspiration lies.

A person who lives a purpose-filled life will often have a position of influence with friends, acquaintances, and family.  You are going to find a purpose in your life and try to live according to a solid set of principles.

Don’t forget that we all have the same, or at least similar, external forces acting on our inner self.  Yet, some of us can overcome adversities, jump the hurdles put in our way and see the obstacles for what they truly are. A lot of the time things are thrown in our paths to test us and make us rethink what it is we want and why we want it.  Once these obstacles have been addressed, we are then even more ready for what it is we want.

So again, the secret is to learn to burn those problems away and grab your life and situations with both hands.  Always strive to do things better than you did them before. Challenge yourself and be prepared to work as hard as you can to accomplish what it is you want in your life. One chance, One life.  Never stop stretching yourself.

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