Just Be Strong

By LifeworX · Oct. 27, 2018 · Motivation · 3 min read

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How to find balance when you have reached a point of frustration/ What do you do when you have lost hope?/ Be strong, find your right path. 

Do you remember the last time you got into a situation and you literally have no idea how to get out of it or just move on? 

Can you think back to a time when felt like you couldn’t go on? You get yourself into a state where you are so frustrated you literally don’t know which way you must go next. You don’t know if you should scream or cry and actually you just want to run away.  You are not prepared to say / or fight one more thing and just want to be left alone.  Or does your character tell you to stand up and fight and correct any injustice you feel might have been done to you?  Well, I still need to get better at picking myself up and standing up for myself there and then.  I first need to digest what has happened and what the next best thing to do is.  

For me, possibly the best thing to do in a situation like that is to take a step back, remove yourself from the situation, calm down and take stock.  Try and discover what it is that is actually rocking your boat and making you so unsettled.  Filter out what is at the bottom of your grievance and why you are reacting the way you are.  My good friend always tells me to: Think – Feel – Act.  Which is great advice, but in the heat of the moment it is not always at the tip of my fingertips- the thinking part gets overridden by the feeling part.   

If you are a person that reacts or responds immediately in that kind of situations, do you react in a positive way, or do you tend to cause more damage and hurt? Whichever way you tend to go, it is probably a good idea think about how you react in these situations and try to analyse the reason behind your reaction.  Most of the time we react when we feel we have been wronged and we possibly have to work on some better way forward.  This will possibly involve a change in perception, direction or just a clearing up of matters that are important to you.  

It is not easy to sort out inner issues, especially when it involves some soul searching or making adjustments in your own psyche.

As if this is not hard enough, now you have to actually make adjustments that will make you cope better in similar situations.  And even worse, you possibly have to sort out a few issues that have ruffled your feathers in the first place.  

The important points to remember are:

·Keep calm


·Take a bit of time and effort to figure out what actually pushed your buttons

·Try remove all emotions from the situation and analyse where you can improve things

·Actively go out and try to tackle problems that have arisen

·Be prepared for a similar situation and figure out how you should react the next time

·Do not lose hope and keep trying to get better at getting better

Life happens, some days certain things will affect you more than others.  Go with the flow and try to stay on the course of your life’s journey.  Know that you will be tested and you have got the tools available to help you cope with whatever it is life throws at you. Just stay calm and deal with each situation to the best of your ability so you won’t be thrown off course. 





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