A Tale of Two Cities

By LifeworX · May 1, 2017 · Motivation · 4 min read

Aeroplane about to land

As we know its always about the journey...

Flying from one city to another always fascinated me. Travelling is a culture all on its own.

The best way to push you out of your comfort zone is to travel. Even if it is just to another city. I feel this way every time I travel to Cape Town. The saying “a change is as good as a holiday” is just that, but true to human nature we always seek out what is similar and comfortable. So when comparing Johannesburg to Cape Town I found the best way to describe it, is to attach a personality type to each city to get to know and understand that city.

As with people and the nature of getting to know someone, we classify them. So I have classified these two cities as signs from the zodiac and related them to my partner Brigette and I.

I am Johannesburg. Johannesburg is a Leo. It is loud; it is busy. It has insomnia and doesn’t take instructions well. It is the centre of attention; it’s a money-making mecca. It brings zest and opportunity to anyone who can handle the workload and if not, it will chew you up and spit you out. Johannesburg steals time and you never have a chance to get everything done. Rushed off your feet always looking for a shortcut and ways to get you through. Through life, through love and through work. You have to have incredible energy and resilience to love the busy city of gold. You need to stay connected and progressive to not be left behind. 

One thing I know is that if you are loyal to Joburg it will be loyal to you. It brings hope and wealth if you are prepared to play by it's rules. People, although hectic in their own daily lives, will have time for you - friendly and helpful by nature Joburger’s are never forgotten. We are remembered for the nightlife, food and tequila shots and you wonder how you let Joburg’s fast life creep into your system. Oh, don’t forget the sport and the supporters thereof. We have the best city for any sport... Except surfing of course, but we have things that simulate most things that aren’t naturally found in our city because we simply just can't be left out. We are great sports supporters too: anything for a braai and a stukkie boerewors and a reason to get hammered so that we don’t feel guilty eating the nice oily breakfast the next day.

Brigette is Cape Town which makes Cape Town an Aquarius. It’s a world of its own. Aloof and almost run on fluffy stuff and butterflies. Unrealistic at the best of times, but functions well. It is a melting pot of cultures, ideas, languages and people. Where the most important thing is having a glass of wine and a deep conversation about the meaning of life. Making money is secondary, but you have to have it to live there. Although it is laid back it has class and style of its own. It is where the heart lies and where you get a chance to reconnect with others and yourself. It is both historic and modern with deep roots and heritage. Capetonian’s are in a world of their own: not too phased about what is going on around them. It is a fit in or f-off mentality. They have the beautiful mountain, ocean and wine lands to get lost in, never really worrying about the rest of the world as it races by. Drinking copious amounts of wine is a past time unlike any other.

But when you combined the two, it is a perfect mix. To work hard and play hard is a perfect combination of the joys and pleasures in life. To have the hustle and bustle of working long hours and having some stress to deal with to walking on the beach and wining and dining at some of the best restaurants in our country. This works on the theory of love-what-you-do so that you can do-what-you-love. So Johannesburg is home and Cape town is our favourite holiday destination and as long as we work hard we can enjoy time out in the most beautiful city in our country; Cape Town and enjoy the best of each other. #PayItForward #LiveLifeLoveLife #DoWhatYouLove #LoveWhatYouDo


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