It's Okay to Be Alone

By LifeworX · May 21, 2017 · Motivation · 3 min read

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Thought I would share something with you this week that one of my clients asked me to write about. She has a problem with being alone. That was me for a long long time. I remember not really liking my own company to a point that I would do anything and be with anyone just so that I did not have to be alone. Looking back now I realise that was part of me not liking myself and my thoughts, enough to want to be alone with them.

I must say as time has gone by and situations and circumstance have changed or maybe I can just say that it is the experiences that have brought me to this point.

 I can be alone and I can cope with the thoughts that run through my head!

When there are no other distractions it seems as though time stands still and suddenly you are alone with all the things that you fear. All your doubts and insecurities are lined up and ready to take you down. This is a battle between you and your mind and the voice that says you can’t.

Overcoming the fear of being alone is to actually practice it. I have had to learn this the hard way. Almost forced upon me with a partner who travels for business has made it my business to be alone. In hind site, this has been a good thing because only by being alone have I had an opportunity to do things I wouldn’t normally do. I fill my time with writing, reading and photographing. I am loving the other side of me, but I had to go out and find her. She was hidden for many years behind a brave front that only she really knew about.

I have uncovered a side of me I never knew I had and it has allowed me to personally grow in areas of my life that were definitely lacking. No longer am I lonely being alone. Life is full of lessons and you just need to be open to learning them. It is amazing what you will uncover about yourself as you do it.

So choose to listen to the voice that pushes you to be better at being better, you don’t always need people and things to fill that void. You have the strength and curiosity to take your life to the next level. Be sure about the choices you make and the way you allow yourself to grow and learn and do not be afraid.

From here it only gets better because when you are with the people you love you are not so dependable on them to make you happy. You don’t come across as so needy and insecure. Your relationships will flourish. I have personally have experienced this and I wanted to share it with you.

Being co-dependent is not healthy for either party and it just brings too much drama into relationships. So walk bravely into new ways of thinking and new ways of being and burn away your self-doubt.

You can do all you want and you CAN be alone and it's okay!


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