Concepts for Life - Part 1

By LifeworX · May 28, 2017 · Self Help · 6 min read

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I thought it would a great idea to put down a few things that have definitely become concepts that I coach and that I personally live my life by.

It is not always easy to do it and stick to it but knowing what they are and being reminded of them certainly, helps along the way.  Some of these have been learned the hard way and looking back it was well worth it.   It is wonderful being happy with life and happy with oneself.  Importantly knowing how I got to this point in my life has given me a push to want to share it.

I have a few that come to mind which has now become a habit in my day to day life.  We all know the more we practice something the better we get at it.  We also know that if we do something that works we will want to do it again and if it brings great rewards we will make it a part of our daily lives.

So here goes with the first one that has added great value to my life and relationships.


It is human nature to do something and then think about how it made us FEEL. We also ACT and then wonder why others FEEL the way they do because of something that we did. Whereas if we first THINK about what we want to say or do and imagine how it will make us FEEL or the other person FEEL we are using our EQ and if there is a green light it would then be safe to ACT.

With this concept you need to also be on the receiving end of someone doing it wrong, then you will soon understand why this is so important to get right.  When you are in someone else’s line of fire it is so often very clear that they did not do this in the right order.  Try this concept I dare you.

Rather Respond than React

We often get defensive when things become uncomfortable for us to handle and it is so often that we react rather than taking the time out to think, feel and respond.  Responding is not so harsh in its manner.  It is done with more of a calm confidence.  Reacting often looks out of control and wound up.  Reacting comes out fast and furious and makes others think that you are either crazy or that they have you just where they want you.  Whereas responding is slow, informed and for most of the time done with kindness but still having the confidence to get the point across.

Bend or Break

How often does your back go up when something doesn’t fit in with you or suit you?  When we get older you would think that we become more flexible but we really don’t because we now know what we want and don't want and won't settle for anything else.  We become stubborn and it becomes hard to see another person’s point of view.  We want what we want and won't budge.  Being flexible is key to anything you do.

Catch and Release

This goes without saying, we often have to catch things as they are thrown at us.  Life is just like that.  When you least expect something that is exactly when it arrives at your doorstep.  Learning to catch it before it hits you and takes the wind out of your sail is a great way to handle difficult situations and circumstances.  Once you also understand just when to let it go or let it pass you is also very import.

So then the latter applies. You need to know what you can and cant handle which essentially means knowing just when to own something or just let it go.

Gather and Scatter

For me, this concept is learned through trial and error.  We gather friends, things and so many experiences along our journey and it is so special when once you have gathered these wonderful lessons and messages that you can also begin to scatter them.  This is a form of paying it forward and that simply means that if you have anything that you can share you should.

Gratitude vs Attitude

There is nothing more powerful than to have gratitude instead of too much attitude.  Being grateful is a wonderful way to live your life and being completely engaged in your life.  Know just what is important to you and knowing that you are really thankful of all that your life has to offer you, instead of having an attitude that it is not or never enough.  I personally don’t know anyone who isn’t grateful being truly happy with themselves and life who are nice to be around because they live life and love life to the fullest with the utmost appreciation.  So drop the attitude and work on your gratitude and see how your life changes.

Reflect over Reference 

It is impossible to go through life without looking back as this is where we get our experiences from.  These pivotal moments in our lives are called reference points.  They are the reason why we do what we do, think what we think and behave how we behave.  They are the lessons we learn along the way, some may be good and others not so good.  We learn them anyway.  If you don’t let the hard ones hold you back and the good ones propel you forwards then you are not reflecting you are only just referencing.  Find the opportunity to learn about yourself and discover the beauty of reflecting on your life and you will find a whole lot of treasures waiting for you.

Claim or Blame

This concept speaks for its self.  It really is dealing with accountability.  It is all about either taking responsibility for your life or blaming something or someone for whatever is going on in your world.   Whether it be the spoken word or things you do, it really boils down to:  “Are you owning it?”  So often we blame others for our situations.  We need to claim what is ours and stand up to it whether it is easy or not.  Stop the blame.  We cannot go through life blaming others for what is happening in our lives.  Blaming is so negative it will eat away at you.  Claim it if it is yours and deal with it, stop the blame game.  When you start doing this you will feel more in control of your life, your world and your decisions.  There is nothing more empowering than that.

I sure hope you have enjoyed a few of the concepts that I practice and that I preach. If you feel that any one of these will help you in your day to day life, you are completely right. Don’t be afraid to try something even if you think it will be tough or especially if you think it will be tough because that is when you know you need it more.

I will do my best to add to this list so that you can continue to…. Be Better at Being Better.


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