Believe It Or Not

By LifeworX · June 10, 2017 · Motivation · 3 min read

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If you really believe something to be true, why in the world would you want to change that belief? 

This is an important question, and my answer would go something like this: "Belief systems are no more fixed and unchangeable than the length of your hair or the quality of your relationship with another person." 

Now, all of us have core beliefs that are so fundamental to us we might even die for them. Our ideas about family and God and patriotism may be sacred to us, but most of our lives are governed by beliefs about ourselves or success, or happiness that we have unconsciously picked up over the years. 

If they work for you if they empower you and make you a better person, leave them alone! But if they are not working very well, if they cause you to get in your own way, you can change them.

However, you are the one to 
make the choice - you will be accountable - so you must weigh the outcomes. 

It is important to have beliefs that will support the outcomes you want. Read biographies of successful people you admire. How do your beliefs compare to theirs? If their beliefs seem more effective, why not make them your 

This is a fact:  We have thousands of thoughts that go through our minds each day.  Some of them are the same.  The more we reinforce the thought, the more we give it power.  Repetitive thoughts create grooves and neural pathways in your brain; so if you think negatively more often than not, then that is exactly what will stick.  

So imagine: if you start thinking more positively from today, you will be training your mind to be more positive.  Your mission now is to establish what you were thinking that was harmful to you and change it to things that will be more uplifting.

By recognising these aspects of your life you will be able to address them and acknowledge them.  It is important to know and understand that a change is possible.  It is also knowing and believing that a change is necessary, especially when you keep bumping your head and are constantly unhappy and anxious.  It is time to step out of the dark where you may have been hiding and allow yourself to enjoy your life. As we discussed, it is as unique as the person you are.  You now need to believe in yourself. Together, we will make the changes necessary to move forward.

When you believe in yourself, anything is possible.  Until you see yourself as successful, no one else will see you that way.  

Choose to see yourself as happy. Imagine yourself as successful. Understand your true talents and more than anything, consider the fact that you are a lucky person.  You really don’t have anything to lose by taking this approach.  Get everything that is stopping you from moving forward out of your mind. Try not to let past memories destroy the possibilities of a more exciting future for you. This is your life and you need to make yourself happy with its outcome.  It is never too late to start believing in your purpose in the world.  Don’t forget that you are unique.

By dealing with past disappointments you are now able to create a new and more positive you, who will get the best out of life.

Life is opening up so many new opportunities - we just need to start seeing glimmers of hope and then these will become very real.


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