Xmas! 7 Tips To Get You Through.

By LifeworX · Dec. 3, 2017 · Tips · 2 min read

A christmas decoration.

December is here! Schools are about to close and many businesses are working towards meeting their last deadlines before closing for the year. Christmas time is here and the end of 2017 is looming. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the ‘silly season’ is upon us.

What does that mean to you? Chaos and hectic times are about to begin. Numerous end-of-year functions; shopping for Christmas gifts; finishing off work for the year; planning your holiday; etc.

So here are 7 helpful tips to get you through this festive season:

1. Change your mindset

Decide how you would like to spend Christmas and what is important to you about this time. It is a stressful time for everybody. Avoid getting into the last minute rush of buying presents, attending every carol service and rushing around. Diarise important events and don’t overbook your diary.

2. Keep calm and have a plan of action

Prioritise your time and connect with people that are important to you and uplift you.

3. Avoid financial strain and get creative

Plan your functions and limit your gifts to suit your purse. Perhaps arrange to exchange home-made gifts with family or all contribute to a meal.

4. Stay healthy

Make time to exercise, eat healthy and find time to relax.

5. Get into the Christmas spirit and share your happiness

Be pro-active and share your wealth and your talents. Buy an extra Christmas gift and donate it to a charity, volunteer to work at a charity shop.

6. Go carolling or attend a concert to share in the Christmas spirit

Do an activity that is uplifting for you. Go sing Christmas carols at your church, see The Pantomime or go see The Nutcracker.

7. Share with a loved one

Find time to be with family and loved ones and spend quality time with them.

Most of all do not lose sight of what this time means to you and your family or loved ones. It is time to be pro active, keeping a great attitude is not always easy but very necessary.  Be with people you love.  Put into action everything that you know will elevate you and the people around you. Enjoy a blessed Christmas season! #livelifelovelife. #payitforward. #takeaction.


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