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By LifeworX · Nov. 27, 2017 · Tips · 1 min read

A girl whispering into another girls ear.

There is a saying: “leave people better off than when you found them”.

I personally believe that this is a great quality to strive for because people will remember you for all the right reasons. It is sometimes hard work and tiring, but the rewards you get for getting this right are priceless!

There are some things that make a world of difference to others - often these are the smallest things!

Here are a few tips to live by if you want to feel that you have made a difference in others’ lives:

  • Respect is free.
  • Create a good first impression and stay authentic.
  • It's not what you say, but rather how you say it.
  • Listen actively and show interest.
  • Keep the conversation positive and relevant.
  • Show that you care and walk the talk.
  • Be confident and caring - these two things work well together.
  • Find ways to inspire others, they won’t forget you!
  • Don’t hide in the shadows and expect to be seen.
  • Find a way to make an impact.
  • Always be ready to inspire others with good intention.
  • Be kind, caring and considerate.
  • Think Feel Act!
  • Have the courage to challenge and be challenged.
  • Build on your strengths.

It is so important to know that all relationships are important. People and situations make us who we are today! So get out there and have fun with life; you only get one. Be good at it and you will be living a happier and more positive life!

#PayItForward #LiveLifeLoveLife


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