Customer Service... What Customer Service?

By LifeworX · May 5, 2017 · Tips · 2 min read

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What is good customer service anyway? Don’t we just want what we want in our lives and customer service is one of them?

How does one app on my computer work for 21 weeks and then all of a sudden it just stops working? When I chat to the relevant IT department, that system does not work anymore or is obsolete. I now need the ‘new’ system. My option now is: please purchase a new gadget to the value of X, let us install it for free and then charge you an additional monthly charge of Y. Do I trust the technician on the phone?

How would you define “good customer service” today?

Do I go for a second opinion?

Where do you fit into this situation? What do you expect as good customer service? When something goes wrong, who do you speak to? How wrong must things go for you to complain? Do you expect an instant response or solution to your problem?

How would you define “good customer service” today? Can you think of one company that does give good customer service off-hand?

Here are some things that I tend to look for:

  1. As a customer, I am proud to be an individual.
  2. I am happy to pay for a service that meets my requirements.
  3. I want service that is geared to me.
  4. I want the company to listen to my individual needs.
  5. I want good, sound advice that I can rely on.
  6. I want to be able to be heard when I have a query or concern.
  7. I want to establish a relationship with the service provider that I feel happy to tell my friends about.
  8. Pay it forward with your service. Word of mouth is still the most powerful advertisement. If you do a good job for me, I will tell my friends about it.
  9. Customer service is all about the relationship, who wants to have a relationship with me so I can get some decent customer service.


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