How do You Handle Confrontation?

By LifeworX · Oct. 14, 2017 · Tips · 3 min read

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Confrontation is being actively involved in sorting out a conflict at the earliest possible moment. Meeting a problem head-on in order to resolve it.

The opposite of being confrontational is to let things be. Leaving things to sort themselves out or just hoping the problem will go away if you ignore it. Possibly because the direct approach seems too daunting...

Which category do you fit into? Do you know why?

I know I definitely fit into the second category. It's easier for me to forget and forgive than to tackle an irritating problem head-on. I was faced with that dilemma just the other day again. It's amazing that we just fall back into our old habits. What I did notice was that the problem didn’t actually get solved or go away! So I needed to make a concerted effort of trying to actually be pro-active. To think what my best solution would be in the situation and to try and resolve the issue. A lot of soul searching had to happen for me to get to that point. Was it possible? Absolutely!

It's uncomfortable for me to confront someone; to tell them they have done something that irritates me. Is that because I am usually fairly quiet? I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve and I am happy to just fit in.

Confrontation is being actively involved in sorting out a conflict at the earliest possible moment. Meeting a problem head-on in order to resolve it or find a solution.

Is it easier for outgoing people to voice their opinion and confront others when a problem arises? It always seems like that to me. But now that I think about it, maybe that is not the case at all?

Maybe these people are far more focused on getting the problem out the way and they have learned to deal with a confrontation. It may also be that they really know what they want and are not flexible enough to change. Or is it that confrontation isn't stressful to them, because they have practiced it so often?

What I do know is that in life, problems or irritations will occur. The world would be a bit less exciting without confrontation though. How you handle your grievances is totally up to you.

Do you bury your head in the sand, internalize the problem and hope it goes away? Or do you blow up like a volcano, blast everyone in your path and make the problem disappear?

Here is what I think:

  • Take a step back and analyze the situation.
  • Work out what would be the best possible outcome for you and all the parties involved.
  • How will you get to that outcome?
  • What needs to happen to achieve the best possible outcome?
  • Who do you need to approach?
  • What is important to you in this instant?
  • How do you deal with the opposite party?
  • Can you leave personal issues out and view the problem objectively?
  • Are you able to listen to the other side of the story?
  • Are you able to work together to get to a solution that might involve some compromises?
  • Most importantly, remember that not everyone reacts the same way you do.
  • Be sympathetic, be active and be passionate about making you the best you can be! Make an effort to make your life happen!

Live life and love it!


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